Men’s Brains make 52% More Serotonin than Women’s

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Did you know that men’s brains synthesize 52% more serotonin than women’s? Serotonin is a chemical that nerve cells produce (a neurotransmitter which also acts as a hormone) which influences mood, sexual behavior, hunger, addiction, and much more.

The implications of this are huge and explain so much!

This means that women need to work harder to produce serotonin. Think about that for a minute.

We are programmed to need more excitement in order to feel the release of this hormone. We need more stimulation on every level to feel arousal, whereas men are able to be easily sexually stimulated by images, and can remain cool as a cucumber and avoid “drama” since they already have all that good stuff flowing in them.

With lower serotonin levels, women experience way more anxiety and less decisiveness which causes us to question ourselves more and need more reassurance and love.

We need a devoted masculine presence to fully see, value, and cherish us.

This discrepancy is also why men are more decisive, action-oriented, and don’t question themselves as often, generally speaking.

But our “lack” of serotonin is a perfect fit and design for our counterpart who is able to use his excess to soothe us, meet our needs, be our hero, and also benefit from our unique makeup that brings adventure, excitement, drama, and all the feelings to him!

This is why his presence, deep presence, is so needed. We can’t feel this symbiosis without him.

Excerpt from Core Feminine Essence

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