Is being feminine “self-abandoning 50s housewife?”

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I got a great question in a group I’m in:

“Clare Alohi I’m curious how you interpret being in your feminine vs masculine. Many times I’ve seen this as being very submissive, not sharing your feelings, letting the man have control, and basically being a self-abandoning 50s housewife. However, I’d totally love to see it described another way! Could you elaborate a little? Perhaps I’ve completely missed something that could really help me and I’m trying very hard to keep an open mind and improve myself.”

Here’s my reply:

“100%! I know it was what I was missing, and it’s not something we are really exposed to. In fact, masculine energy is dominant in society today, whereas feminine energy is not widely accepted in most situations…but it’s sorely needed. Especially in love relationships. We learn to compete with men from early on, despite being designed quite differently. I’m referring to the universal law of polarity: The law of polarity is a principle that states everything in the Universe has an opposite. Everything in our Universe is dual, and everything is the perfect expression of its opposite. The Universe is always in balance. Everything holds an opposing truth, all of which are true. There is a feminine and a masculine pole, and they are in perfect balance. I used to attract feminine men who would never claim me, but I was holding a masculine shield for many years not even realizing it. It balanced. Women with a core feminine essence are a perfect complement to the core masculine essence. We all have both energies, but learning to use our core energy in our love relationship is what creates the most powerful electromagnetic connection. Both counterparts thrive best and feel the most aligned in their roles. This is not about going back to the 50s, it’s about honoring and valuing our unique differences that we each crave. Masculine energy is like the trellis on which the feminine vines grow. It’s symbiotic. When women carry masculine energy, they unknowingly emasculate the men in their lives. But it’s not our fault, it’s how we were taught to behave. The same is true if men are in their feminine energy, it forces the woman to step into masculine energy, and that feels bad. But when each are in their pole, it feels amazing and natural. He is a decisive leader, he is a protector and provider. He is present and leads with his head and he needs her feminine energy to inspire all this in him. She is in her heart, in the present moment, soft on the outside strong on this inside, open and receptive. She is very in touch with her feelings and what she needs, and she expresses them with vulnerability and without blame so he can respond and care for her. She needs this and expresses deep appreciation for all he does and is, and he needs to meet her needs, because he’s finally found the rarest spring of energy that is like water for a dry soul. He is the hero he was meant to be. Learning to cultivate this core essence within each of us is what it feels like to reach our highest potential and raise global consciousness. I believe it’s a mission that has the power to heal the world. When the head and the heart are both honored.”

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