We have been hurt so badly by men in the past, or by their behaviors. So we start to close ourselves off.

Actually we start out our lives learning to close ourselves off and protect that softness inside.

Parents may not show up for us, they didn’t know and had their own pain.

Then in school we learned even more to hide our softness. By the time we started dating and falling in love, most of us had masculine shields in full effect.

But a man can’t access your heart through a shield. He can only access it and want to protect it when there’s no shield.

But the prospect of letting the shield down is terrifying. We tried it before and it backfired.

Feelings we shared were dismissed, rejected, abandoned.

That’s where feminine communication – and the cheat codes in my book – comes in. It’s a way to be so vulnerable and soft on the outside, while having a strength within to know you’ll never be destroyed by a man.

It’s a way to put yourself back in control, knowing exactly who you are and what to say and do to stay in your power regardless of what he does.

It’s like becoming so vulnerable and in touch with yourself, you’re indestructible.

And for a man to experience this is like being in the presence of holy light and he is magnetically drawn in. When he sees this light, he becomes a believer.

His purpose is now to protect this power, this – his very own access point to the divine all that is. You are not afraid to express how you feel down deep because he wants to hear it all, even if it’s about something that he “did.”

This is not to excuse any mental health issues or addictions that men have which are destructive.

I am of the belief that the divinity of feminine essence can cure these issues and maybe even heal the world. And that some of these issues stem from a lack of this essence in the world today.

It’s how the game is set up though, and none of this is serious. It does feel that way, but this life is just a blink of an eye, a game. Follow @corefeminineessence for more