“Just be yourself”

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One of the oft-used phrases in this reality is to “just be yourself.” As a youth and even young adult seeking my “purpose” in life, I remember always feeling perplexed by this advice because how do I know who I am and how to be myself? It seemed like an impossibility, given the multitudes of choices and personality traits I had access to, including ones I didn’t really like or that were contradicting. This is all part of the game. It’s meant to confuse us and make us feel stupid/bad/different/outcast, because everyone else around us is just being themselves. It’s assumed that we should all just know who we are and be that. But we don’t. Not at all. We are in a movie going along with a script. If it were as easy as “just being yourself” you wouldn’t need a book like this.

– excerpt from Core Feminine Essence – my book coming soon

So much of the strife, confusion, and pain in life is because we don’t know who we really are. When you know yourself deeply and truly, you cut through all the noise trying to get you to be or do something else. You feel an inner strength that nothing can shake. You are solid. In the book I share exactly what it is to be a core feminine essence being/player in this game so you no longer question your existence. It doesn’t tell you who you uniquely are but it makes you aware of your own inner tuning fork, so you can test outside information for your truth. Please let me know if you want to be notified when it comes out: https://corefeminineessence.com

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