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The closer to 52 points, the more you operate with a masculine shield. But it’s not your fault. 

Very few women escape the fate of carrying the masculine shield. What is a masculine shield? It’s a barrier of protection. It’s competitive, forceful, action-oriented, motivated by achievement, lacks emotion, can be ruthless or reckless. Essentially it’s a masculine act played by a feminine essence being.

It may have you feeling like you want to be a hero, authority, or to be in charge. You may want to save or rescue others. It will take pride in providing for oneself and being an “independent woman,” while our feminine essence languishes on the inside. It will act aggressively, or passive aggressively. 

The masculine shield is taken up when we are trained on how to perform from very early on in our lives. This shield is demonstrated by almost every female we come into contact with, including those we see on television. Now that I know about this, I’ve been amazed at how almost every heroine, or female character represented in media today is masculinized. The programming runs deep. But, it’s a mask. It is used throughout life in this physical game and can sometimes be helpful, except within a polarized relationship.

If you want to learn how to set your shield down and draw a masculine man to you with your innate feminine energy, check out my guide: 

5 Cheat Codes: How to Ignite the Masculine Urge in Him to Claim You

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